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Free Educational Resources

Students are seeking extra help outside of school more often these days. Tutors are just one of the many options available to students who want to excel but need a little extra boost.  In this article, Cardinal Education explores the alternatives to private tutoring.  Free Educational Resources For an increasing number of parents today, when […]

Is a Montessori School Right for Your Child?

Montessori schools have grown in popularity. What began as schools focused on pre-school and kindergarten have evolved into elementary, middle, and even high schools. Is the increase in availability a good thing? Is a Montessori school right for every child? Montessori schools are based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, a woman who extensively […]

Managing Time and Doing Homework: The Key to Improving Academic Performance and Reducing Stress

In 2000, researchers Ranjita Misra and Michelle McKean looked at the interrelatedness of academic stress, anxiety, time management, and leisure satisfaction in a sample of 249 undergraduate college students. Misra and McKean cite previous research in a 1996 study which concluded that a major source of students’ academic stress is an awareness of the immense […]

Tips for Senior Year

With the academic year well underway, seniors now face the most challenging course load of their high school careers, along with a slew of extracurricular time commitments.  While it is imperative to excel in these endeavors, seniors must also manage the difficult task of meeting the many fast-approaching college deadlines, which vary depending upon your […]

How to Manage Summer Reading and Homework

During the summer no kid wants to hear the word “homework.” Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common for teachers to assign summer work, putting pressure on kids to manage their time and get down to business during their two months of freedom. Here are some tips to make summer homework painless. Immediately create […]

Using the Summer Effectively

As the end of summer approaches, students get more and more nervous for the start of school. However, few think about the knowledge they have lost over the past weeks of sunbathing, pool parties, and trips to the mall. According to the National Summer Learning Association, “most students lose about two months of grade level […]

Using the Summer Effectively 2

Summer is well underway, and whether your rising senior is busy with camps, internships, or travel, it is critical that he or she begin planning for the upcoming admissions season.  Many students will tend to procrastinate after a demanding junior year as they rightfully deserve more sleep at night. However, those who completely put off […]

Changes to the ISEE

Along with the SSAT, the ISEE is one of the most popular tests taken by students applying to private schools. The SSAT and ISEE used to be nearly identical tests. However, in the fall of 2009, the ISEE changed significantly, particularly the Middle Level and Upper Level versions of the ISEE. These changes, which are […]

Dealing with Test Anxiety: The Benefits of Practice Tests

Standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, ISEE, and HSPT create a great deal of test anxiety for students, and for good reason; these tests often determine a student’s eligibility for certain private schools and colleges. This high-stress testing environment is far from ideal for students trying to perform at their peak. Some students may freeze […]