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How Does the SSAT’s Guessing Penalty Affect My Child?

How Does the SSAT’s Guessing Penalty Affect My Child? Standardized tests are notoriously difficult. Between trick questions, advanced content, and rigorous pacing, these tests are designed to challenge even the strongest of students. When it comes to tests such as the SSAT, a guessing penalty is just one more hurdle students must overcome on the […]

Setting Goals for the New Semester

It’s that time of year again! Classes are starting back up, and students are wondering what the new semester will bring. How much homework will I have? Will this semester be easier? There are very few who think about what they would like to accomplish this semester. Nonetheless, setting goals is an important, yet often […]

Algebra Foundations

The state of California is leaning toward dropping Algebra I from 8th grade, preferring to rely on a “Common Core” set of guidelines that leaves out Algebra. Having a math curriculum core that leaves out the foundation of all high school mathematics is a major retreat from the curriculum standard throughout the United States, an […]

Picking the Right Activities

The alarming trend of dwindling college acceptance rates creates pressure in every aspect of students’ lives. Because college admissions has become so competitive, students are led to believe that even something as simple as choosing which extracurricular activities to participate in may wind up being the difference between acceptance and rejection senior year. They stress […]

Does Affirmative Action Still Exist in College Admissions?

Editor’s Note: This article is the fourth in our four-part series Demographic Factors in College Admissions This question has become increasingly more difficult to answer.  According to a study performed by Princeton Professor Thomas J. Espenshade, the admissions advantage for underrepresented minority groups can be quite substantial.  However, the reasons for the leg-up in the […]

Do I have to be Jeremy Lin to get into Harvard?

Editor’s Note: This article is the third in our four-part series Demographic Factors in College Admissions The answer: Not quite.  But the admissions process at top tier universities may be more skewed than you think.  Asian Americans in particular are facing seemingly insurmountable odds in their quest to gain acceptance to elite universities.  In fact, […]

Interpreting STAR Test Results

Every year, public school students in California are tested through the Standardized Testing and Reporting program, commonly known as STAR testing.  Parents receive their child’s results, which slot that child into one of 5 categories: Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below Basic, and Far Below Basic.  Most parents perceive a child’s scores falling in the Advanced range […]

Cardinal Education Math Workbook

Cardinal Education believes in the social value of a strong public education system and sponsors pro bono programs to bring private sector expertise to bear. However, government fiscal policies are short-changing public schools of opportunities: activities, sports, variety of classes, advanced classes, student-teacher ratios, and counseling departments. The “private school imperative” means that despite economic […]

Getting on the right Math Track – Blog Post

Math Course  Grade  Pre-Algebra Before 8th Grade Algebra 1  8th Grade Geometry 9th Grade Algebra 2 9th/10th Grade Pre Calc (aka Math Analysis) 10th/11th Grade Single Variable Calc 11th/12th Grade Multivariable Calc/AP Calc BC/Statistics 12th Grade  Wondering what your child should be doing to get ahead over the summer? We say, focus on math!  We […]

Summer Math Courses

Due to a peculiar relic of our agrarian past, schools shut down in the summer. While the time off provides a great opportunity for families to spend time together and for kids to gain new experiences at camp, taking summer classes is no longer merely for those whose grades suffered during the school year. In […]

The Case Against Senior Statistics

Junior year is almost over, and it’s come time again to pick classes for next year. Your student looks over all the choices before them for the last time in their high school career. “Remember,” you say, “you’ll need to be working on your college applications this fall!” “I know, I know,” they absentmindedly reply […]

Create Amazing Final Presentations for Your Classes

As the school year nears its close, students will be expected to turn in final exams, write final papers, and give final presentations.  While final exams and the preparation process they require have long been familiar to any successful student, final presentations often leave students puzzled as to how best to approach an interactive presentation […]