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How To Choose Your College Consultant

In this day and age of ultra-competitive college admissions, more and more families are looking for independent counselors to help their families navigate this Byzantine process. Whether you’re looking for someone to guide your eighth grader through high school or support your junior as they compile the college application itself, there are a few key […]

A Lost Generation? COVID-19 and Athletic Recruiting

The coronavirus crisis of 2020 is now about to stretch into its third month of lockdown, and the global educational landscape is still reeling. From testing to extracurricular activities to even school visits, every element of students’ college application process has been shut down. Perhaps the single most impacted field, however, is that which itself […]

3 Keys to Getting Off Your College Waitlist

Every year, college admissions season brings both joy and sorrow. Caught in the middle, however, is the mixed disappointment, relief, and confusion of being deferred or placed on a school’s waiting list. What are you to do? Do you simply wait, or do you send even more materials to convince the college admissions committee? While […]

Want to Get In? Get In Early!

You’ve probably been eyeing a lot of top picks from Brown to Columbia, and you’ve probably been thinking a lot about how to increase your probability of acceptance. After you’ve maintained top grades, brainstormed the best essay topics, and gotten started on a polished personal statement, what else is there left to do? The next […]

Balanced College Lists: The How and Why

Do you have a dream school you’re sold on, and hardly want to look anywhere else? Do you have so many colleges you want that you can hardly decide? Or do you have no idea where to start at all? No matter what your college list situation is, Cardinal Education is here to help. Here […]

How to Choose the Right High School Classes

Each spring, students decide which classes to take during the upcoming year. What many students do not realize is the classes chosen freshman year can affect which classes are available senior year. It is important to research your options and carefully select which classes to take. This article will discuss common choices students face and […]

How To Make Learning Maths (More) Exciting

Allen Koh, CEO of Cardinal Education responded to a query posted by Jozef Raczka, Content Executive of Twinkl – a UK based online educational resource for teachers, parents and students.  The topic is How to Make Learning Maths (More) Exciting. Here is the complete article as it appears on the Twinkl website. How To Make Learning […]