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What To Do When Your Summer Program is Cancelled

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, more and more students are finding themselves adrift with no plans for the summer. An increasing number of summer programs are being cancelled or, in the case of Yale Young Global Scholars and other elite programs, cut down to accommodate a smaller number of students than were originally admitted. If […]

How To Develop Your Child’s Reading Skills

Reading is the most fundamental skill students will develop during their early years, and even throughout the rest of school up to and including college. At all levels, students perform the weakest on the reading sections of standardized tests, and reading consistently takes the most time and effort to improve if students slip behind. Weak […]

Tips on How To Focus During Online Learning

COVID-19 has brought with it more challenges than simply keeping up with schooling as education moves online. Bereft of the traditional routine of school and activities, students are by now beginning to show signs of serious mental strain and even depression and anxiety. What can students do to prevent these adverse effects of remote learning? […]

Tips on Effective Time Management for Students

Perhaps the number one concern between parents and students in the modern landscape of education is the time students are expected to spend on everything from school to homework to sports and other activities. How are they supposed to get all of this done? The answer may be simpler than you think: use Google calendar. […]

There is More to Demonstrating Leadership in College Applications Than Just Empty Titles

All throughout high school, parents and students fret over their activity schedules and resumes. Extracurricular activities are, after grades and standardized test scores, perhaps the most important element of American college applications. Not only do colleges gauge students on the basis of their activities, but those same activities offer the grist for students’ essays mills […]

Choosing Your Summer Program for College Applications

Summer programs are a critical element of every student’s college application process. As more and more schools look for an unnatural level of maturity in their applicants, it is no longer acceptable for students to just take a break over the summer or hold down a single, light, part-time job. Instead, students should be exploring […]