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When Should Your Child Finish Their Essay?

Starting in middle school, students deal with all manner of projects and assignments that involve some kind of essay writing. These essays graduate into full-blown papers in high school, and balancing their deadlines against other schoolwork becomes a central focus of time management. It is an axiom that you shouldn’t finish an essay the night […]

When Should I Start My College Applications?

When should I start my college application? The answer to this question can affect every element of your application, especially if you get started too late to adequately prepare. When is too late? When is too early? Is there even such a thing? Indeed there is, and with the guide below, you should be able […]

What is a Strong Legacy School Connection?

While it has come under fire recently, legacy admissions remains a strong influencing factor for college admissions to many American schools from the Ivy Leagues to public universities. Families understandably want to take advantage of any possible connection they have in an admissions landscape that is increasingly ultra-competitive. What, then, serves as a connection that […]

How to Keep Up and Why Doing Extracurriculars are (More) Important for College Admissions During Online Schooling

So much more than the traditional educational landscape has been changed these past few months as a result of COVID-19. The closure of schools and non-essential businesses means that as online schooling has taken hold, most of the students’ other activities have been shut down. Does this mean that college applications for the next few […]

GPA and the World’s Worst Grade

Grades occupy a place in privilege in the American, and really any, school system. Parents and students obsess about GPA, and for good reason. GPA remains the most important single factor in college admissions, often either opening or closing doors to elite universities before any other criterion is taken into account. The best grade in […]